Maximilian Traber


About me

About Maximilian

Maximilian completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Cologne. During this time, he first came into contact with the professional field of Mergers & Acquisitions through various seminars. After his Bachelor’s degree, he obtained a Master of Science in management with a focus on entrepreneurship at the Nova School of Business & Economics in Lisbon. In this context, he dealt more intensively with topics related to corporate finance and the transaction business. After his Master’s degree and first practical experience at a young start-up, Maximilian joined Marktlink in Düsseldorf as an M&A consultant in March 2023.

Maximilian’s link with Marktlink

“Working at Marktlink allows me to work in an exciting and dynamic environment. As a consultant at Marktlink, I have the opportunity to make a significant contribution throughout the M&A process and work with various entrepreneurs from different industries. In addition, Marktlink can maximise transaction options for its clients and achieve the best possible results by leveraging its large international network. In addition to the professional aspects, I particularly appreciate the collegial environment and the corporate culture at Marktlink. Here, I have the opportunity to take responsibility and actively contribute to the success of the company.”