Philipp Scheele


About me

My Motivation

I enjoy delving into complex topics and the process of understanding what levers impact the output. I’m also always driven to contribute meaningfully to a team and to take responsibility if challenges arise in my professional and private life. During my free time I remain active in the gym or go wakeboarding.

My Connection to Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurial mindset is the foundation to identify opportunities and tackle challenges in each project. Previously in my career, I joined a small software company and built it from the ground up with the founding team. I gained valuable experience about developing a business and am always eager to analyse new business ideas.

My Connection to Marktlink

I am convinced Marktlink is in a great position as a partner for business leaders since its people combine market expertise with a boots-on-the-ground approach to dealmaking. In addition, I am excited to join the office in Düsseldorf since the team is ambitious and driven.