Sascha Pudenz


About me

My Motivation 

I am motivated by the opportunity to actively shape the future at Marktlink. As the longest-serving employee in Germany, I have been part of it from the beginning and am an integral part of our history. Here, I can fully leverage my experience in brand building. My perspective extends far beyond projects – from fostering a harmonious team to the promotional use of completed projects. My approach is holistic, always focused on the essentials. These achievements are only possible together as a strong team.

My ambition, entrepreneurial expertise, and foresight define me. In my focus industries, I am close to entrepreneurs and can actively support them through my role at Marktlink.

My Connection to Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurship, to me, embodies clear risk-taking and foresight. Entrepreneurs distinguish themselves by their ability to confront risks while maintaining a long-term perspective. These qualities are reflected in my personal identification with entrepreneurship, making collaboration with entrepreneurs extremely fulfilling. Through my previous role actively involved in building a company, I am familiar with the challenges entrepreneurs face, yet I also know the positive aspects that often serve as the reward for hard work.

My Connection to Marktlink 

Marktlink focuses its project-oriented approach on small and medium-sized enterprises, which resonates with me. On one hand, I can easily identify with these clients, and on the other hand, this usually results in a higher deal flow with less effort, reflecting our success. Additionally, I appreciate that Marktlink is an owner-managed company, allowing for short decision-making processes and the swift implementation of ideas.