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Do you ever think about selling your business? Then it goes without saying that you want to approach the sale process in the best way possible. This is why proper preparation and insight into the sale process are so important. A lot of entrepreneurs start preparing too late and unnecessarily miss out on opportunities.  

The importance of proper preparation

Starting the sale process well-prepared can yield significant long-term benefits. Besides preparing yourself mentally for this large step, you can gain insights into optimising your business for a successful sale by mapping out weaknesses, risks, strengths, opportunities and threats. This is also known as getting your business exit-ready. Implementing such optimisations on time will make your business more attractive to potential buyers and can increase your enterprise value by as much as 10-30%. With the right insights and organised preparation, you have more control over the outcome of the deal. Make sure that selling your business is not something that happens to you, but take control of the process.
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How to prepare your business for sale

Proper preparation has a positive effect on the enterprise value and it prepares you mentally for a potential sale. Additionally, companies that have a strong basis and presentation are preferred by potential buyers. That is why it is essential to thoroughly go through all the steps of the exit-ready process.

That is why you should start with the basis: extensively map out your business activities and processes, the business model, financial performance, organisational structure and current enterprise value. Once this business analysis is clear, you can look at optimisation possibilities that increase the marketability and value of your business. After drawing up a plan of action, you can start implementing these optimisations. When all areas of improvement have been addressed, you can achieve a higher enterprise value and you and your business are ready for sale.

"A lot of entrepreneurs start preparing too late and unnecessarily miss out on opportunities."
- Erik Bretveld, Marktlink Exit Ready
The Exit Ready process

Marktlink’s Exit Ready team consists of (former) entrepreneurs who have successfully sold their own businesses. That is why we understand you like no other and will help you to prepare yourself and your business for sale. We always view things from the perspective of potential buyers, because we know exactly what they pay attention to. We apply a personal approach and, together, we develop a plan to make sure you get the most out of the deal. In short, we are your trusted advisor whom you can rely on throughout the entire process. 

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