Acquisition Strategy

Determining the right strategy for your business acquisition

Defining the acquisition strategy is a crucial step in acquiring a company. Good preparation and a thoughtful approach ensure a smooth and successful acquisition process. With over 25 years of experience in business acquisitions, Marktlink guides you in making this strategic choice.

Define your acquisition strategy

The strategy for acquiring a business is based on your business strategy and future plans. Acquiring a business should be an absolute value addition for you as an entrepreneur. Therefore, make the right choice in deciding which direction you want to go in when acquiring a business.

Strategic acquisition: acquiring a competitor

Every successful entrepreneur with their own business closely monitors the competition. After all, it's always good to learn from your competitors, especially from their strengths. But it becomes even more interesting for your company when you buy out a competitor. This way, you strengthen your own market position, realise synergies, and gain access to new customers and markets, all while reducing direct competition.

Strategic acquisition: acquiring a company from a different industry

If you want to enter a new market with your current business, acquiring a company within that market is a smart move. New markets often have high entry barriers for existing companies. By acquiring a company from a new market, you don't have to start from scratch. You won't have to compete for customers, revenue or market share. Unlike acquiring a competitor, integrating such a company takes a bit more time, since it's an entirely new market for you.

Strategic acquisition with the assistance of an investor

Investors typically show interest in companies with significant growth potential. For SMEs, these are often investment companies financed by informal investors, large private investors and investment funds. Investors usually don’t take over daily operations but provide financial support and offer advice. You continue to run the business while the investor advises and guides you behind the scenes.

Starting as an entrepreneur

In addition to a strategic acquisition, you can also buy a company through a management buy-in (MBI). This means that as an external manager/entrepreneur, you take over a company you have never been involved with before. You can do this independently or with other externals who have not been involved with the company before.

By choosing the right acquisition strategy, combined with creating a comprehensive purchase profile, step by step, you are moving closer to achieving your next entrepreneurial dream. For over 25 years, Marktlink has been an initiator and advisorthroughout the entire acquisition process, from the initial orientation to the transfer of the shares. With our entrepreneurial approach, we achieve the best outcome when acquiring a business.

''We saw opportunities to achieve our growth ambitions even faster''
- Ricardo Giele, Managing Director Magion
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Our specialists have a vast network and speak with entrepreneurs daily. They assist you in finding a business that suits you and guide you through the entire acquisition process. We have an up-to-date offering of businesses currently for sale. Not all the businesses we have for sale are listed online, so it's wise to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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