Exit-readiness test – Step 1

Personal information

Which situation currently suits you best? I want to: 
To what extent does the business depend o n you? The daily management lies: 
For how long have you owned the company? 
Suppose the company is sold, which situation applies?
Exit-readiness test – Step 2

Company profile

How long has the company exsisted? 
Does the company depend on a limited number of suppliers? 
Does the company depend on a limited number of customers? 
What applies to the company’s real estate? 
Exit-readiness test – Step 3


When thinking about selling, what timeframe are you considering? 
Is there a business plan for the next three years? 
Verkoopklaartest -Stap 4


What percentage of the revenue is generated by a few major customers? 
How has the company’s profitability evolved over the past three years? 
How has the company’s revenue evolved over the past three years? 
What is the investment policy? 
How is the working capital of the company financed?
Exit-readiness test

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