Buying a business

Starting or advancing your business?

Are you starting as an entrepreneur or looking to further expand your current business? Acquiring a business is the next step in your career. Our specialists have an extensive network of potential businesses and are exceptionally equipped to guide you through this process.

Creating a target profile

When acquiring a business, it's crucial to create a well-defined purchase profile. This profile guides your search and helps determine what aspects are important to you. Do you prioritise a stable financial foundation or significant growth potential in the business you intend to acquire? How do you ensure that the company you wish to acquire aligns with your objectives? Our advisors assist you in answering these questions. Together, we define the approach strategy, create a search profile and reach out to potential candidates. Subsequently, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the target company. Often, the counterparty also engages an advisor, where an in-depth business valuation and due diligence investigation are part of the process. Marktlink has been assisting entrepreneurs in business acquisitions for over 25 years. Our advisors are well-versed in the market due to numerous transactions and regular interactions with SME entrepreneurs.

Acquiring a business

There are various motivations for acquiring a business. Based on your personal situation, your current business and future plans, you determine the acquisition intent. We distinguish the following types of business acquisitions:

Strategic business acquisition

If you own a business and aim to further expand it or increase market share, a strategic acquisition of a competitor or a business from a different industry is a compelling consideration. Alternatively, you can engage in a strategic acquisition in collaboration with an investor who doesn't intend to lead the business personally. Acquiring a business enables you to quickly increase market share, reach new customers and markets, create synergies, attract valuable resources and talents and gain competitive advantages.


If you aspire to rapidly expand your existing business, you can opt for a buy-and-build strategy. This strategy involves not only acquiring businesses (buy) but also consolidating forces (build). This way, you can swiftly increase market share, realise synergies and enhance operational efficiency.

Acquiring an international business

If you seek international growth, acquiring a business abroad is a wise move.

Management buy-in (MBI)

If you have entrepreneurial ambitions and aspire to acquire a business you haven't previously worked in, this is known as a management buy-in (MBI). Whether it involves a partial or full equity stake, the MBI participant generally takes on a management role. In reality, the buyer and seller often collaborate post-transaction. A personal connection is crucial when opting for this strategy.

Prepare with a specialist

For all strategies, thorough preparation is essential. The process demands expertise and experience in financial, legal and interpersonal aspects. Marktlink's specialists act as initiators, guides and overseers throughout the entire acquisition process, from initial exploration to the transfer at closing. With our entrepreneurial approach, we achieve the best outcome when supporting you in buying a business.

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We are Marktlink, an independent, committed, and international mergers and acquisitions specialist. We assist you as an entrepreneur in preparing your company for sale and guide you through the entire sales or acquisition process, which is our main focus.

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