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The increase in online sales, competition from major players, and changing consumer behavior are just a few of the challenges that entrepreneurs in retail face. If you want to remain relevant as a retailer and compete with online giants, you need to respond to new developments and focus on increasing market share, for example, through acquisitions or further (international) expansion. A distinctive product proposition can also be key in the business strategy. Of course, for many traditional companies, online visibility has become crucial.

Trends and developments in retail

The shift from offline to online is clearly visible, yet not all retailers have set up their own online presence. There are still many opportunities for growth and acquisition in this regard. We do not expect physical stores to completely disappear from the streetscape; however, online visibility plays a greater role in consumer behavior. This includes product orientation, comparison research, or the online purchase of products followed by physical pickup in the store.

Online and data-driven marketing are crucial trends in retail. Consumers utilize multiple channels in the purchase process, leading to increased spending in stores. As the customer experience becomes more important, the significance of data collection for an optimally personalized customer journey also grows.

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Market polarization

The economic crisis and changing consumer behavior have put pressure on the mid-segment. Consumers either opt for the low-end segment or the high-end segment, resulting in a reduction in the size of the mid-segment. Manufacturers are also increasingly finding their way to online shops; with little effort, they can sell directly online, bypassing traditional retail. For certain product categories, a physical location is essential for the final transaction. This applies, for example, to items like garden sheds, hot tubs, or electric bicycles.

Buying or selling a business in retail?

Companies in traditional retail often exhibit characteristics of being capital-intensive; store setup involves a substantial investment, and inventory (financing) can become quite significant. This, in part, makes a certain scale, combined with a current inventory, crucial. A targeted acquisition or aligning with a larger strategic partner can be a logical next step in this context.

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