Consulta acquired by Care Cosmetics

Company Name Consulta
Transaction Sell-side
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Sector Pharma, Healthcare & Life Sciences +2
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Dutch company Care Cosmetics successfully completed the acquisition of Mechelen-based Consulta just before the end of 2021. This acquisition gives Care Cosmetics a stronger foothold in cosmetics distributions, with the CEO of Consulta remaining in charge of the company’s Belux operations. Marktlink supervised the process, working with both business owners on this highly strategic acquisition.

Care Cosmetics, with branches in Barendrecht and Maaseik, grew quickly to become the largest supplier of beauty products in the Netherlands after being founded by CEO Duco van Keimpema in 1996. The Marktlink team from ’s-Hertogenbosch had provided support previously in 2020 when the company was looking for a partner to help with this growth. Belgian investment company 3d investors also came on board with international expertise and growth capital.

Marktlink continued to closely monitor further opportunities in the cosmetics market after this, and proactively contacted the CEO of Consulta, Marijn van Benthem. Like Care Cosmetics, Belgian company Consulta is a market leader in cosmetics distributions. Since being founded in Mechelen in 1981, it has grown to have the largest market share in Belgium and Luxembourg, focusing on the distribution of grooming products and related items for beauty salons, specialised skin and footcare, pharmacies and drugstores.

“We have similar expertise, and Care Cosmetics and Consulta are both market leaders in our respective regions, so joining forces unleashes huge potential for steady pan-European growth.”
- Marijn van Benthem, Consulta

Get used to the idea

“It was important that we gave Marijn time to get used to the idea. We helped him in face-to-face meetings with all the information he needed, and explained all the acquisition options and terms and conditions. His confidence grew as he saw the opportunities that this deal offered, integrating Consulta into a stronger company with more resources and additional economies of scale. Following the acquisition, Marijn remained in charge of the Belux part of a larger and more powerful company.”

“We brought the two business leaders closer together and took care of the whole deal from start to finish, taking pressure off both parties and answering all their questions. We also acted as an intermediary for the exchange of information, keeping the communication lines short between buyer and seller. It goes without saying that we will continue to monitor the market closely, looking for new opportunities and further potential acquisitions by the now expanded Care Cosmetics.”

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