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Sustained digitisation in the UK economy has increased demand for online media and online communication. Deals are getting bigger, but regulation may still open up space for start-ups and smaller players. Traditional communications agencies, advertising agencies, and printing companies are looking towards new digital models to increase revenue. There’s also a drive to buy-in the latest tech solutions – and toward consolidation as a defence where tech might be perceived as a competitive threat.

Trends and developments

Media, advertising, and communication companies are undertaking a great deal of consolidation. Offering a niche product is a popular strategy that also increases the incentive for companies to collaborate to offer the range of expertise demanded by the market. Marketing clients also appreciate a single point of contact when planning and implementing campaigns. All of this favours an increase in full-service marketing agencies. And the “war for talent” demands creative solutions to attract and retain the best staff.

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The shift from offline to online

Faced with changes in consumer behaviour, traditional advertising agencies have adjusted their revenue model; printing companies are expanding into multimedia; and the number of digital (marketing) agencies has increased considerably. To offer the right expertise, businesses must choose between working with other organisations, or promoting themselves as specialists within a strictly defined niche.

The pandemic and the associated shift to online working have provided an extra stimulus for growth, while speeding up the shift to online publication. Well-established print titles are an attractive acquisition target, and the subscription model can provide a reliable revenue stream.

Buy-and-build strategies

There is a lot of interest around acquisitions of media companies and communications agencies. We’ve noticed a trend among young entrepreneurs to target growth by acquiring another media company or advertising agency. Entrepreneurs are actively rolling out their buy-and-build strategies, with or without the backing of an investor.

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