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About Dennis

After his study at the University of Amsterdam, he started his career as a loyalty programme manager for different 5-star hotels in Europe and Asia. In those years he learnt how to deal with various, often very difficult situations, which were not taught in any books and had to be approached with a lot of creativity. After coming back to Europe those experiences were very useful and he started working for one of Europe’s leading media companies, first as an operational manager and later as a site manager. In the last role, he was given the opportunity to become an entrepreneur himself. His years as an entrepreneur were very exciting but sometimes scary as well. All of a sudden, he encountered situations that were completely new and he had to come up with a different approach.

Dennis’ link with Marktlink

” I very much appreciate my time as an entrepreneur but now, being more experienced, I know I would have done some things differently. This valuable knowledge and experience I gladly share with other entrepreneurs. Working with Marktlink gives me the possibility to help other business owners make the best decisions for their businesses and employees.”