Christian Arndt


About me

About Christian

“During my studies, I pursued the possibility to dig into more entrepreneurial, financial and strategic courses; which sparked my interest in helping entrepreneurs in realising the full potential of their life’s work. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in International Business and Politics at Copenhagen Business School (from 2017 to 2020) and subsequently a master’s in Finance and Strategic Management (from 2020 to 2022), I started at Marktlink as a student consultant in February 2022 and as a full-time consultant in August 2022.”

“Through student jobs at three large, publicly listed Danish companies, I gained hands-on corporate experience within finance and strategy, but Marktlink has already added significantly to my development. From day one, Marktlink has enabled me to take a greater level of responsibility in my day-to-day work and I get to lead my own projects. Moreover, I participate in client meetings; thereby creating a direct link with our stakeholders, which allows me to help the clients in the best way possible. The continuous engagement with high-skilled individuals and great colleagues works as a great motivation for me.”

“This is also the reason why I decided to join Marktlink and be involved in the start-up phase of our office in Copenhagen. It is an amazing opportunity to be part of defining the Marktlink culture in a Nordic context, as well as being a facilitator of establishing Marktlink as a trusted partner in a new geographical setting.”

“In our endeavour to do so, we build on the characteristics of Marktlink’s unique culture and the atmosphere that surrounds it. I have already experienced how caring colleagues are, and that people at Marktlink are driven and do their utmost to make you, as a new employee, succeed. This enables you to take the right steps quicker than you thought was possible, and it provides a great basis for identifying the multitude of opportunities that lie right in front of you.”