Supplier of unique, high-quality security cameras and network infrastructures

Type Sell-side
Sector Groothandel
Region National
Employees 1 - 10
Revenue 5 - 10Mil
Number P04786
Focus B2B
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  • Over the past 27 years, The company has developed into a stable market player in the security market, with a lot of market knowledge. Since 2001, The company has been selling and distributing high-end IP cameras, among other things. Partly due to its long-standing and strong relationships with suppliers, the company has created a strong position within the industry.
  • The company was founded in 1996.

Business activities

  • The company is a distributor of high-quality security cameras and network infrastructures and related products (software packages and storage). Over the years, the company has built several (long-term) partnerships with various A-brands. With some partners it has agreed on exclusive distribution rights.
  • The company values customer loyalty and has built up a trusted customer base. The company's customer base largely consists of installers, security companies, IT companies, and healthcare system integrators.  
  • A large proportion of the end users of the company's products are active in the care and healthcare sector. This sector is growing and increasingly needs privacy-proof IP cameras due to an increasing ageing population and staff shortages.

Transaction rationale

  • Since its foundation, the company has developed into a stable and growing business in the field of unique security cameras and network infrastructure. In addition, the company entered a growing market and is an established name in this sector today.
  • The current shareholder feels that the company is ready for the next growth phase and believes it is wise to leave achieving that growth phase to the next entrepreneur. By selling (part of) the shares, the current owner aims to give the company room to move to the next phase.

Investment considerations

1. A healthy organisation with stable growth - An even spread of turnover across many individual customers within various market segments ensures a healthy business.

2. Recurring revenue and a loyal customer base - The software packages (subscription-based) and loyal customers ensure a high level of recurring revenue.

3. Many growth opportunities and scalability - The current business model, in combination with the high-quality products, is relatively easy to scale up with the right knowledge. In addition, there are huge opportunities in the healthcare sector.

4. Strong partnerships with renowned brands - The company maintains very strong and long-term relationships with several brands.

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