Company in fulfilment services for e-commerce customers

Type Sell-side
Sector Media & Communicatie
Region National
Employees 10 - 50
Revenue < 5Mil
Number P04524
Focus B2B, B2C
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Project Babel focuses on performing fulfilment services for e-commerce companies. It also serves a global niche market which generates a steady revenue stream. 

Business activities

Project Babel operates in a fast-growing market and excels in its service level and focus on the customer. As a result, the company has built a strong and loyal customer base which can serve as a foundation for the next growth phase.

Transaction rationale

The proposed transaction involves the sale of 100% of the shares.

Investment considerations

Stable revenue stream: sales to the niche market generate a stable revenue stream, which is reinvested to further grow fulfilment services

Vendor lock-in: because Project Babel executes an important process for its customers and performs it at a high service level, the organisation ensures that its customers experience a high barrier to switching to alternative suppliers.

Strongly growing market: the e-commerce market is growing and starting a webshop is becoming increasingly accessible. This growth translates into increasing demand for a partner that does logistics processes for you. Project Babel distinguishes itself in terms of value-added logistics and customisation; this means that the Dutch e-commerce market offers a lot of opportunities to expand the existing customer base.

Real estate: to be prepared for the next growth phase, the company recently moved to a modern and circular location.

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