Transportation & Logistics

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This is a broad sector that includes rail, logistics, road transport, air travel, vehicle leasing, and shipping. Innovation and sustainability remain key issues and there is pressure for widespread operational review in response to economic and political conditions at home and abroad.

Strategic investors and private equity investors alike are motivated by the benefits of robust supply chains and the challenge of modifying existing supply chains have become problematic.

Acquiring a transportation or logistics company can provide synergy, enhance a competitive position, and help to make a business future-proof.

Trends and developments in the transportation and logistics sector

The transportation and logistics sector has been undergoing a major transition, due in part to the e-commerce boom triggered by the pandemic. New ways of managing inventories and logistics have become crucial factors in fast, reliable last mile delivery.

A new understanding of the risks involved in extended or inflexible supply chains has brought interest from buyers who see port and marine assets as the key to control and capacity, and stock shortages have created a focus on warehouse and fulfilment.

The ongoing effects of Brexit have called transport sector strategic choices into question, with sustainable and circular business operations in focus given the shift from global to more locally-produced goods. Attracting and retaining staff remains a challenge.

The rush to upgrade and digitise supply chains has galvanised investors, with keen interest in inhouse shipping solutions and freight management tools.

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Supply chain integration and consolidation

Global developments are encouraging collaboration between companies in the transportation and logistics supply chain. Optimising digitisation to boost productivity and visibility can include using portals, sharing data and linking systems: supply chain technologies that improve the data underlying operational decisions in the logistics sector can help to control costs and enable ‘greener’ routes and methods.

Some smaller players in the transport sector are finding it increasingly difficult to operate under these conditions, and finding a bigger player looking for a transport company to take over may be the smart choice.

Consolidation is likely to continue as long as there is a need to scale-up and to make companies future-proof.

Buying or selling a company in the transportation and logistics sector

There are plenty of good reasons to considering a transport company takeover or sale. The trend is for strategic acquisitions, with private equity parties targeting companies that offer services to the transport sector, such as employment agencies.

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