HPI Group plays a winning hand in the plastics industry with the acquisition of PET Innovators and Geku Plastik

Company Name HPI Group
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Sector Industry & Production
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With his HPI Group (previously Moulding Industries), plastics producer Paul Harkema once again realises two acquisitions within a short period of time. With the support of M&A advisor Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions, he adds PET Innovators and Geku Plastik as a next link to his chain of cooperating plastics production businesses. In one stroke, Harkema secures both a strong position in the PET segment and good access to the German market.

Logical step

Harkema is CEO and owner of HPI Group in Woerden. In the past years, he had acquired Bema Kunststoffen, CKV Plastics, Metron and Packpower, all active in the plastics processing industry, in the chemistry, automotive, cleaning, personal care and technical injection moulding segments. According to Harkema, this step into the PET segment is a very logical one: “By adding both PET Innovators and Geku Plastik to our portfolio, we welcome two PET specialists. Not only do we expand our service range, we also reinforce HPI Group’s sustainable character, and that is where the future lies. Both businesses use a high percentage of recycled PET and offer customers the opportunity to get ready for the European regulations of 2025. In addition, Geku Plastik opens up the German market to our group.”

PET Innovators is highly innovative. It is the only European factory to offer fully automated production of labelled and capped PET bottles for ‘squeeze-your-own’ orange juice in supermarkets. Furthermore, in 2021 the business was the first in the world to launch a stackable 10l PET jerrycan with integrated PET handle.

Geku Plastik is mainly active in the chemistry sector, in which it supplies customers throughout Germany. The combination with PET Innovators offers access to a broad range of sectors to expand into.

Huub Verbeeten of Marktlink Fusies en Overnames supported Harkema in all his acquisitions and explored the market for him, to look for the right targets. “Together with Paul we mapped out an active buy-and-build strategy in the plastics industry five years ago. In these times of economic uncertainty, due to COVID-19, the food and disinfectants market is performing better than ever. With these two new transactions we make sure to spread market risks. All in all, a well-considered addition to HPI Group.”

Moulding Industries becomes HPI Group

A few years ago, Harkema started his new business Moulding Industries with the acquisition of Packpower. By means of several acquisitions, Moulding Industries was expanded into a group of plastics producing companies in various market segments and using different production techniques. Considering the continuing internationalisation of the group, Moulding Industries will be known as HPI Group as of today.

To manage the quick succession of acquisitions well, decades of (plastics) production experience have been added to the management team. In addition to Paul Harkema (CEO), the new management team comprises René van der Pot (CFO) and Hans Lubbers (Managing Director).

“The plan to merge several factories in this industry and create synergies has proved to be a successful formula so far. Each company operates under this common denominator, but each with its own management and identity. We maintain the SME character of the business and add the professionalism and power of the group”, says Harkema.

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