Entrepreneurship rules during Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix

For the third year in a row, Marktlink was present at the CM.com Circuit Zandvoort in the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix weekend. Over 1,200 entrepreneurs found their way to our events and half of them met up on Thursday during the 8th edition of Marktlink Connect. Then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Marktlink and Marktlink Capital received another 200 guests per day. We enjoyed the spectacle on and around the track, with Max’s triumph as the icing on the cake.

Marktlink Connect: driven by entrepreneurs

‘The power to grow’ was the central motto during Marktlink Connect, where 600 entrepreneurs exchanged success stories. In front of the crowd, it was a great moment for event moderator Jort Kelder and managing partner Tim van der Meer to reflect on Marktlink’s growth. The year 2022 was concluded with 125 successful deals on the counter, this year we are aiming for 150. With an expected capital of 1 billion by the end of 2023, committed by hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, Marktlink Capital is firmly on the rise. We are more than happy to announce our new fund of private equity funds 4.

Different stages in the life of an entrepreneur

With Dries Wajer of Wajer Yachts, Olena Makeieva from the Ukraine and former F1 driver Robert Doornbosch, we offered a varied programme on the main stage. During the knowledge sessions, we zoomed in on the different stages in the life of an entrepreneur. Victor Knaaps, founder of Media.Monks, talked about making his marketing agency ready for sale. Imre Huijgen and Dennis van Iersel, owners of Mebu, introduced the audience to all ins and outs of the acquisition process. David Sipkens (Mr Marvis) and Tom Peeters (Crisp) told the story of how external capital took their consumer brands to the next level.

Connection, networking and great atmosphere

Tim van der Meer: “We managed to live up to the Connect name once again. Not only on Thursday, the other events were also characterised by connection, networking and great atmosphere. Absolutely inspiring to be there, within the ambiance of Formula 1, itself bursting of entrepreneurship. It’s that very characteristic that connected everyone present: they’re all entrepreneurs, with so many shared experiences, that sure is the basis of these successful days. Even though networking events like these may sometimes feel obligatory-ish, it was very clear that most of our guests just wanted to stay till the very end, to get the most out of it. It was incredible!”

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