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Companies in the installation sector are currently on the rise. Topics such as sustainability and energy transition contribute to an upward trend in the installation sector, after a couple of hard years. This is also reflected in the number of business acquisitions. Medium-sized companies are popular with major players wanting to deliver full-service concepts.

Trends and developments in the installation sector

New opportunities arise from the energy transition and sustainability of the construction and heavy industry sector. One of the things we see as a result of this, is that companies in this sector more often deliver full-service concepts instead of individual products. We perceive a high degree of consolidation in this sector. Technical staff have become scarce due to growth in recent years and good prospects for the future. Achieving growth through business acquisitions is a preferred strategy to maintain sufficient strength.

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Scaling-up in the installation sector

Mid-sized installation companies often lack the financial power to respond to developments in legislation and technological applications. Installation employees need to remain up to date due to the high level of knowledge required in this sector; this requires substantial investments. The most attractive way to scale up is by acquiring another company in the installation sector. Companies working in a specific niche or geographical area are especially interesting to acquire.

Buying or selling a business in the installation sector

There are various reasons why you would be considering buying a company in the installation sector or wanting to sell (parts of) your own company. Are you are a major player in this market, pursuing a buy and build strategy? We are happy to help you find suitable companies. Are you considering a partial or full sale of your company because you want to profit from advantages offered by a larger group; we will find a suitable buyer for you.

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Each year, more than a thousand entrepreneurs in your sector calculate their business value, using the Marktlink Multiple. In addition, we regularly guide the process of transactions of companies in the installation sector. As a result, we have up-to-date market knowledge and business values at our disposal, and we have a substantial portfolio of potential buyers and sellers in this sector.

Marktlink is the right place to help you realise your ambitions. Our specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in this young, dynamic sector. Because we have regular contact with investment firms and strategic parties, we know exactly what is going on. We make this knowledge work for you when we find the right succession or realise growth ambition. Always committed, independent and professional from an entrepreneurial standpoint.

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