International network

Geneva Capital Group

Marktlink is part of the Geneva Capital Group. The Geneva Capital Group consists of a high-quality international network of accountants, tax specialists, lawyers and acquisition advisors. As a network, it supports businesses and entrepreneurs in more than 150 countries in various sectors during critical decisions related to mergers, acquisitions, corporate finance, strategy and international expansion. Marktlink plays a significant role in this network as the chairman of the M&A Practice Group.

Mergers and acquisitions specialist in Europe

Within the Geneva Capital Group (GCG), Marktlink partner Tim van der Meer serves as the chairman of the Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Group. As an exclusively selected M&A specialist, Marktlink has a very active and prominent role in an international network of 150 M&A specialists in 40 countries. This not only makes it easier for you to connect with foreign buyers and sellers of businesses through our foreign peers but also allows for easier local handling of tax and legal services through a reliable partner.

Wereldwijd kennis- en samenwerkingsplatform

The Geneva Capital Group offers many benefits for entrepreneurs :

  • Access to buyers and acquisition candidates in over 90 countries, increasing the likelihood of successful international acquisitions.
  • Provides its members with the opportunity to benefit from a global knowledge and collaboration platform without losing their independence.
  • With a combined total of over 500 members worldwide, Geneva Capital Group is one of the largest and most prestigious networks globally.
  • Members are leading accounting firms, law firms and corporate finance advisors who have undergone strict selection processes to earn their membership.

Marktlink is a member of the following associations:

Dutch Corporate Finance Association

The Dutch Corporate Finance Association (DCFA) is a nationwide association for financial professionals. With approximately 200 individual members, DCFA is the largest association in its field and aims to share knowledge and create a network for managers and entrepreneurs in the business financial sector, specialising in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. Marktlink plays an active role within the Expert Panel of DCFA.

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M&A Community

The M&A Community is the platform for professionals working in M&A, corporate finance and private equity. Only with the right knowledge and the best contacts can the most successful deals be closed. Therefore, members meet in M&A Cafés, the Private Equity Summit and the Corporate Growth Summit.

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Dutch Institute of Register Valuators (NIRV)

The Dutch Institute of Register Valuators) (Vereniging Nederlands Instituut voor Register Valuators (NIRV)) was founded in 2003. The Netherlands has over 250 Register Valuators (RV), who, after studying at an academic or post-academic level (such as accountancy, business administration or economics), have specialised in topics such as valuing (minority interests in) companies and corporations, assets of companies and corporations (such as brands), impairment issues and damage claims. The affiliated members represent the top in the field of business valuation.

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M&A aan de Maas

M&A aan de Maas is a Rotterdam initiative to promote the "M&A industry" in Rotterdam and put it even better on the map. M&A on the Maas wants to achieve this by organizing regular network meetings. They also want to be able to contribute to the city marketing of the city of Rotterdam as a location for new (international) companies and serve as a lubricant for mergers and acquisitions in the region.

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