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The IT and software sector is of immeasurable value to our society and economy. The services and products have a lasting nature, and with the ongoing digitalization, the industry is expected to continue growing for the foreseeable future. This also implies a strong consolidation in terms of mergers and acquisitions in the IT and software sector.

Trends and developments in IT and software

The IT and software sector has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK for some years. Continuous innovation in online services and products combined with hybrid working have given it a considerable boost, and this trend is expected to continue.

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Business acquisitions in IT and software

One factor that makes IT and software companies attractive to buyers is the potential for future-proof revenue models. Customers who purchase subscriptions and licences provide a steady stream of annual income. Predictability and scalability can make small and specialised companies attractive to purchasers.

Consolidation in the IT sector

Companies in IT and software are often highly fragmented, while customer demand tends to favour a full-service offer. This drives consolidation in the acquisitions market, with huge potential for economies of scale and efficiency, and growth opportunities for international companies that strategise a buy-and-build strategy. A recent trend is for investors to create a bespoke platform by acquiring a string of small companies and start-ups.

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We’ve recently witnessed several consecutive years of growth in the IT and software sector, driven by the development of new technologies, and a high number of acquisitions. This is evident from the interest shown by entrepreneurs who calculated their business value last year in our Marktlink Multiple, and from the high number of transactions we assist in this sector.Our data gives us insight and knowledge in this market, and helps us give you optimum support when finding the right strategic match.

Marktlink can help you realise your ambitions. Always committed, independent and professional, we have a large national and international network, and detailed knowledge of local markets. Our specialists will use their knowledge and experience proactively to help you find the right successor or to realise growth ambitions.

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