Vincent Pastoor


About Vincent

Vincent Pastoor studied International Economics at the University of Groningen and took up employment at Marktlink, for the Amsterdam office, in early 2011. His experience over the last four years includes supporting mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical sector with Mediq Apotheken. During the previous two years, he was active at Eiffel on a due diligence engagement and at Wingman as a consultant on the value proposition. During his time at university in Groningen, Vincent also worked as student-assistant in the area of joint venture researches. He completed his studies with a paper on the success factors for mergers and acquisitions. Vincent has over 10 years of experience as a researcher, specialist in value determination, due diligence consultant, strategic buyer and as an intermediary in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Vincent has been involved with dozens of buy and sell projects in his various roles.

Vincent’s Link met Marktlink

“My link with Marktlink is entrepreneurship. Within Marktlink the entrepreneur is central at one of the most crucial moments in his professional existence. As a manager, I provide support during the entire take-over project, from the first contact to signing at the notary’s office. During this process, it is always my goal to obtain the optimal result in close collaboration with the entrepreneur.”