Stan van Hövell van Wezeveld en Westerflier


About Stan

I have been working for Marktlink since September 2022, after obtaining my master’s degree in Financial Economics at the Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam. First, I completed the three-year bachelor’s degree Business Economics at Tilburg University. During my studies, my interest in the merger and acquisition world grew and I became more and more enthusiastic about this. As a result, my choice for M&A and Marktlink was easily made.

Stan’s link with Marktlink

Through my studies I came into contact with the profession of Mergers and Acquisitions for the first time. I was raised in an entrepreneurial family, which makes the SME sector and guiding entrepreneurs very appealing to me. The combination of entrepreneurship, dynamic work, and responsibility that you get at Marktlink is unique, in my opinion. In addition, you get the chance to be involved in the entire buying and selling process from day 1, which offers the opportunity for rapid personal development.