Stan Scholten


About me

Who I am

What drives me is the diversity of my work within corporate finance and my profound interest in M&A. I enjoy the personal contact with entrepreneurs, as well as the analytical and financial aspects of my work. Besides my work, I have several other interests. I enjoy playing sports and you can regularly find me on the tennis court. I am also passionate about travelling.

What entrepreneurship means to me

Entrepreneurship, to me, is the possibility of being actively involved in building and expanding a business. I have a strong affinity with entrepreneurship, especially in the area of M&A. I am an entrepreneurial person who is driven to contribute to the success of entrepreneurs and companies in the field of corporate finance.

Why Marktlink is the place for me

What I like about Marktlink, is the enthusiasm and passion with which the employees carry out their work every day. To be able to work for Marktlink with passionate entrepreneurs is what motivates me.

“At Marktlink, I get the opportunity to work with passionate entrepreneurs; that is what motivates me.”