About me

Who I am

I am positive, good at identifying opportunities and I like having people around me. I am entrepreneurial and like to take initiative. I like challenging myself and I am always looking for new things to do. It is not a coincidence that travelling and discovering the world is one of my greatest passions.

What entrepreneurship means to me

To me, entrepreneurship is identifying opportunities and seizing them with a positive and energetic attitude and achieving your goals. Working in M&A requires an entrepreneurial approach. During a process, you have to deal with different interests, yet everyone has the same goal. Getting the deal done. To me, it's great to be the linchpin in such a dynamic process. To make sure all the hurdles are overcome, everyone is moving in the same direction and to ensure a successful and satisfactory finish, however challenging that can be sometimes. In order to achieve this, you have to be entrepreneurial and think in terms of solutions. Even when times are tough, you have to continue to motivate yourself and others involved.

Why Marktlink is the place for me

Marktlink's entrepreneurial culture really appeals to me. It is a very positive organisation, with driven and motivated people ready to work on great deals and achieve the best possible results. I am proud to have quickly found my place within the company and built up a good portfolio of projects. I At the end of the day, every deal makes you proud. The processes are intensive, but inspiring, and each process has its own hurdles, setbacks and challenges. As a manager, you are the coordinator during the process and therefore a very important link. I like looking back on a process and it still makes me a little proud every time.

“I am proud to have quickly found my place within the company and built up a good portfolio of projects.”