Large chemical compound manufacturing company looking to diversify into the pharma sector

Type Buy-side
Sector Industri & produktion
Region International
Employees 10 - 50
Revenue < 5Mil
Number P03963
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The client has a clear diversification and growth strategy and is looking for acquisition targets in the inorganic pharmaceutical industry in the EU.

General information

  • Large chemical company that manufactures synthetic magnesium compounds 
  • Compounds are used in the polymer production and processing industry worldwide
  • Based in the Netherlands and part of a strong international group
  • High-tech production facility equipped for growth
  • Strong management with R&D skills and a focus on sustainability
  • Very healthy financial performance

Search profile

  • Pharmaceutical companies (production and/or wholesale) with own storage facilities/distribution centre
  • Location within the European Union 
  • EBITDA range between €500k – €5 million 
  • Preferably a stand-alone business, however if necessary, it can be integrated into the Dutch operations
  • Products must be inorganic
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