Tom Beltman

Managing Partner

About Tom

Tom Beltman studied Business Economics at the Nijenrode Business University and joined Marktlink in 2002. As a consultant, manager, partner and finally head of the Gouda office, Tom has been involved with dozens of buy and sell transactions. As a former secretary of the NIRV Tom has many years of experience in the business valuation specialisation. He attends and delivers workshops, lectures and follow-up courses to keep completely up to date.

Tom’s link with Marktlink

“As a child of entrepreneurs, I was raised with a hands-on mentality and have a lot of affinity with entrepreneurs. Commercialism was encouraged in our family as well as entrepreneurship. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration with a financial specialisation, the next logical step was into the world of mergers and acquisitions. And my accidental choice to work for Marktlink proved to be serendipitous. In fact it is a choice which still makes me happy every day. The contact with entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) makes every day a day to look forward to. What is more fun than working with entrepreneurs who are ready to make the next big step in their lives?”