Jan Dijkmans


About Jan

After his HEAO studies in Eindhoven and Financial Management at the Business University in Nyenrode, Jan joined Marktlink as a Consultant at the end of 2009. Within a short period of time, he has seen many dozens of companies and finalised transactions in various sectors: from ICT to machine producers, from healthcare to agriculture. In 2013 Jan started to study Business Valuation at the Erasmus University.

Jans link with Marktlink

“My first experience in the world of mergers and acquisitions was as far back as 2004. In that year my parents sold their family business to a colleague in the market. This was preceded by many nights of discussions, tension and insecurity at the kitchen table. I recognise the same key issues from then in my work at Marktlink today. Although every project has elements in common, it is the tailor-made elements that intrigue me. Within Marktlink there is a lot of room to manoeuvre and thus obtain the best result for the client. ‘Wanting to be the best’ is something that fits me and is shared and strengthened by the team in which I work.”