Colin Bertram


About Colin

Colin grew up in the South of Limburg before moving to Tilburg for his studies. Here he studied both International Business Administration and Finance (MSc) at Tilburg University, with an in-depth course in finance at McMaster University in Hamilton (Canada). Alongside to his studies, Colin joined a junior consultancy organisation, through which he supported entrepreneurs in the Tilburg region. After working as an interim controller for various companies, he joined Marktlink in 2022.

Colin’s link with Marktlink

“During my international study period in Canada, I came in contact with corporate finance and M&A through several electives. It was there my interest in this field was born and later this made me decide to pursue a master’s degree in finance. During my master’s I ran a junior consultancy organisation together with some fellow students. During this period I met a lot of entrepreneurs from the Tilburg region. Because of this, I discovered that it gives me a lot of energy to work with entrepreneurs who are very passionate about their businesses. At Marktlink I get the chance to combine my M&A affinity with my connection to entrepreneurs.”