Tim van der Meer

Managing Partner

About me

About Tim

Tim van der Meer studied business administration at the Business University of Nyenrode and joined Marktlink in 2002. As consultant, manager, partner and head of the Amsterdam office, Tim has been involved with dozens of buy and sell transactions. Tim is Chairman of the M&A Practice Group within Geneva Group International. This international network provides Marktlink principal access to buyers, sellers and specific expertise in almost 50 countries worldwide. Tim is also a guest lecturer for the subject ‘Mergers & Acquisitions’ at the University of Nyenrode.

Tim’s link with Marktlink

“Entrepreneurs are like a clan. They often look at issues a bit differently, they do not keep their opinions to themselves and they are more willing than most to take (calculated) risks. An entrepreneur wants to get things moving and through that creates added value and jobs, often at a regional level, sometimes global. The buying or selling of a business is one of the key moments in the career of an entrepreneur. To come up with attractive transactions in collaboration with successful entrepreneurs and to execute those in intensive and sometimes intense projects, is what I am fortunate enough to do every day. I am extremely happy that Marktlink has been able to convince its target group that we can be of huge added value to our clients in projects of this type over the years. And I am just as happy that we have succeeded in attracting enterprising, smart and driven professionals that have helped to build our successful firm in recent years.”