Lucas Jurry


About me

Who I am

I am inquisitive, ambitious, flexible, and reliable and I can sympathise with others; all qualities that made me the person I am today. Motivating others and creating happiness is what motivates me in daily life.

What entrepreneurship means to me

To me, entrepreneurship is pursuing innovative ideas, taking risks and creating value in the market. In my youth, I came into contact with entrepreneurship through family and friends. This ultimately resulted in an entrepreneurial attitude towards all aspects of my daily life.

Why Marktlink is the place for me

Marktlink is the go-to M&A specialist for SMEs. Its commercial approach, contact with the client and creating value in each deal are Marktlink's strong suit, which appeals to me. We support and guide entrepreneurs in the entire process of buying or selling with a broad sector focus. This results in a diverse workload and a steep learning curve. I like being a part of an entrepreneurial, young and professional company and the financial and commercial aspects of a process.

“To me, entrepreneurship is creating value in the market.”