Bas Visser


About me

Who I am

Supporting entrepreneurs is what drives me. There is nothing better than discovering untapped potential and translating this into concrete growth opportunities. This motivates me to look for the perfect investor or strategic partner that is able to take the company to a higher level. Because of my competitive nature, I'm not easily satisfied so I always strive to make the absolute most of every process and achieve the best possible result. This determination does not only show in my work but is also very apparent during sports activities and even while playing board games with my family.

What entrepreneurship means to me

Entrepreneurship is in my blood. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and I have always been fascinated by the courage, risk-taking and inexhaustible energy entrepreneurs display. Their stories and perseverance inspired me to form the basis of the way I work. With that same passion and determination, I strive to achieve the best possible results for my clients. These results can include an entrepreneur taking a step back from the company or taking the next step towards the company's further growth.

Why Marktlink is the place for me

Marktlink appeals to me because of its drive that is felt throughout the organisation, the international growth ambition, and most of all the way that the company can really connect to entrepreneurs. Marktlink and I have a shared passion for entrepreneurship and a drive to grow. What I'm most proud of is our joint ability to, through a quick and pragmatic approach, achieve great results that serve the interests of the entrepreneur as well as the company.

“The entrepreneurs’ stories and perseverance form the basis of the way I work.”