Unique and growing franchise concept in coffee segment

Type Sell-side
Sector Retail
Region National
Employees 1 - 10
Revenue < 5Mil
Number P04728
Focus B2B, B2C
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  • The company is a franchisor in the coffee segment.
  • The franchisor acts as a facilitating organisation, resulting in low costs and low
    overhead; a solid gross margin is realised.
  • The company has grown into a mature company with multiple, stable income
    streams, which means that the company's dependence on any single source of revenue is limited.

Transaction rationale

  • The entrepreneur is a pioneer and still sees plenty of potential and growth
    opportunities, but this role is not for him.
  • To take the organisation to the next level, a different type of entrepreneur or
    partner is required.
  • Interesting for an MBI candidate with franchise experience, an existing
    franchise organisation or a strategic buyer that has a link with coffee.
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