Top 5 installation company looking for electrical and mechanical installers and specialist companies for acquisition

Type Buy-side
Sector Industri & produktion
Region National
Employees 1 - 10
Revenue < 5Mil
Number P02943
Focus B2B
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  • The company has been in existence for more than 80 years and operates nationwide with several branches
  • The company achieves approximately €500 million in turnover with more than 2,500 employees
  • The company has an excellent reputation in the market and has long-term relationships with its customers
  • The company consists of over 10 branches in the installation business, three regional project companies and specialist companies throughout the country
  • Installations mainly focus on non-residential construction such as office buildings, industrial halls and shops and concern mainly renovation and maintenance projects
  • The specialist companies are active in areas including industrial automation, engineering, consultancy, fire protection, security management, traditional and renewable energy, data centres, industrial solutions, measurement and control technology, IT and office automation, building automation and energy solutions


General information

Participation strategy

Full sale or, preferably, a phased sale:

  1. Sell small majority stake
  2. Create organic growth together
  3. Exit: sell remaining shares after 2-4 years with the result usually being a considerably higher total sum than in the case of whole sale at once


Search profile

Investment considerations

After several successful acquisitions in the recent past, management has decided to investigate strategic collaborations or participations.

This involves a search for specialist companies that are open to join a larger group in order to make better use of each other's knowledge, expertise, network and facilities, and to be able to take up a stronger position in the consolidating market and provide a full range of services.

Experience shows that both companies benefit substantially from a cooperation. Especially in a phased sale, we see that a gradual transfer works well for both shareholder(s) and staff. Also, the total proceeds tend to be substantially higher than in a single-stage sale of the whole company.

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