Software company focused on anonymising and pseudonymising data

Type Sell-side
Sector IT & software
Region National
Employees 1 - 10
Revenue < 5Mil
Number P04456
Focus B2B
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The company is established about 10 years ago. The company is run by two shareholders, but has several more, some of whom are investors.

Business activities

The company has developed software in the field of targeted anonymisation and pseudonymisation of data to comply with GDPR legislation. Furthermore, the software is suitable for extracting value from data, allowing both one-time and structural data searches in datasets. The software can be used for various purposes:

  • anonymising and pseudonymising datasets in line with GDPR
  • checking the completeness of files
  • look up key data in documentation, for example for mortgage applications

Its customers are housing corporations, government agencies (local authorities), healthcare organisations and financial businesses. The company has also concluded various cooperation agreements with partners in these sectors. The software is mostly used on a subscription basis and, for some customers, on a project basis.

Transaction rationale

The company is looking for a strong strategic and/or financial partner to grow with. A potential buyer must have market inputs, a large sales reach and/or offer the space to further develop the software. Both active shareholders also want to remain actively involved in the company after the transaction and also wish to remain shareholders.

Investment considerations

  1. Multi-year contracts with recurring turnover of more than 60%.
  2. High lock-in through integration into customer systems ensures low churn.
  3. Large partner network in various industries with cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  4. Own IP with low maintenance and short implementation.
  5. Growth potential in the Netherlands and Europe due to GDPR regulations.
  6. Unique growth opportunities beyond current markets.
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