Producing plastic packaging company seeks strategic expansion

Type Buy-side
Sector Industri & produktion
Region International
Employees 1 - 10
Revenue 20 - 50Mil
Number P03579
Focus B2B
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Currently, the entrepreneur operates in the plastics industry with six companies. Within several years, the company has grown into a leading player with an international footprint. The entrepreneur's ambition is to achieve strategic expansion through sustainable growth and acquisitions as an investor and entrepreneur.

General information

  • Entrepreneurial, strong in developing and rolling out new concepts while ensuring the continuïteity of the businesses
  • Realise synergy benefits by sharing capacity, specialist expertise and expanding the sales market
  • Commercial and relationship-minded, resulting in a large network in the industry
  • Financially powerful player, willing to drive long-term growth through investment

Acquisition process

  • Very experienced in acquiring adjacent businesses
  • The lead time from offer to transfer is two months
  • The entrepreneur is willing to creatively structure the deal
  • If desired, real estate can be part of the transaction

Search profile

  • Activities: Injection moulding, vacuum forming, blow-moulding;
    trade in raw materials and finished products
  • Turnover between €5,000,000 and €30,000,000
  • Based in Benelux region/Germany
  • 100% of the shares, a majority stake is negotiable
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