MBI candidate backed by investor

Type Buy-side
Sector Landbrug & gartneri
Region Regional
Employees 10 - 50
Revenue 20 - 50Mil
Number P04512
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Experienced and commercially driven entrepreneur is looking to acquire a manufacturing or production business.

Added value

  • Over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience (agricultural sector)
  • Experience in governance and strategic issues
  • Financially well-versed
  • Experience in organisational structuring
  • Building networks

General information

  • Currently the entrepreneur runs a business in the agricultural sector and is also chairman of the supervisory board of a large cooperation.
  • After more than 30 years of doing business in the agricultural sector, the entrepreneur has decided he wants to use his entrepreneurial skills in a different environment.
  • His wish is to take over a company active in the production and manufacturing industry, and further expand the business.
  • During the acquisition process, the entrepreneur is backed by a wealthy investor.

Personal characteristics

Vigorous, connector, committed, responsible and authentic.


Search profile

Within the manufacturing and production industry, the entrepreneur is looking to acquire a  company with future growth potential.

  • Own product is a plus
  • Experienced and qualified management team
  • Majority interest
  • Sales-oriented organisation is a plus
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