Full-service creative agency with a vast media and communication network is looking for a growth partner

Type Sell-side
Sector Medier, reklame & kommunikation
Region National
Employees 10 - 50
Revenue < 5Mil
Number P04608
Focus B2B
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The company is a full-service creative agency, offering solutions to small and medium-sized companies located in the Netherlands. It distinguishes itself from competitors through its customer-oriented and flexible methods.

Business activities

The company offers an all-round service proposition, consisting of a flexible and customer-oriented approach, which includes both online and offline solutions. Activities are either outsourced or performed in-house, enabling the company to act as a one-stop shop.

Transaction rationale

To sustain current growth levels and to adapt to the rapidly evolving media and communication business, the owner is looking for a partner that can take the company to the next stage. Both a pre-exit and a 100% sale are negotiable. In any case, the owner is willing to remain involved during the transition period and maintain contact with the company’s largest customers.

Investment considerations

  1. Regionally renowned name: a reputation for delivering high-quality services for many years. The company has a large network of freelancers and partner companies to be able to fulfil all the customers’ marketing and communication needs, making the company the ideal creative partner.
  2. Dynamic and expanding market: positioned in a strongly growing market, both online and offline. Can quickly adapt to ever-changing customer demands.
  3. Highly skilled staff: the majority of the employees have spent multiple years with the company. The average age is between 30 and 40. The company is able to attract skilled staff from the region’s renowned universities.
  4. Loyal customer base: customers have worked with the company for multiple years. Because of its full range of services, the business processes of these customers are largely intertwined with the company, creating a strong lock-in.
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