Fast growing e-commerce platform for signage and garden decoration looking for a growth partner

Type Sell-side
Sector E-handel
Region National
Employees 1 - 10
Revenue < 5Mil
Number 79317
Focus B2C
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The company exploits a fast growing e-commerce platform for signage and garden decoration in the Netherlands, founded in 2011.

Business activities

The company sells a wide range of signage and garden decoration products and has  developed into the online market leader within the signage and garden decoration sector in the Netherlands.

Transaction rationale

Recently, a few questions have arisen. How can international markets best be entered? How to prepare the business for this step? The entrepreneur would like to grow the firm and wants to attract a partner that can provide capital and knowledge to realise an ambitious growth strategy. Attracting a partner by selling a stake in the company is the envisioned way to achieve these goals. The owner would like to focus more on the strategic side of the company and less on the operational side.

Investment considerations

  1. Market leader and front runner in online B2C sales: The company pioneered online sales in signage and garden decoration, leaving traditional offline manufacturers struggling to catch up.
  2. Platform investment for buy-and-build: The company has the potential to act as a platform investment. A large number of smaller players, operating within Europe, would make suitable acquisition targets.
  3. High EBITDA margin: the company achieved an EBITDA margin of 28% in 2022.
  4. Renowned online store: The online store of the company is highly regarded with an average score of over 9 out of 10, with over 4,000 reviews on various review platforms.
  5. Widely spread customer base between B2B and B2C: As of 2022, the company has a broad customer base of over 43,500, with an estimated breakdown of 70% B2C customers and 30% B2B customers, indicating a diverse range of customers.
  6. Many growth opportunities: further growth of revenue and EBITDA can be achieved by entering international markets, entering the offline market, and insourcing production.
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