Experienced “Entrepeneur Buy-In” candidate with long-term horizon looking for companies with clear growth opportunities

Type Sell-side
Sector Business services
Region International
Employees 1 - 10
Revenue < 5Mil
Number P04846
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Introduction entrepreneur buy-in (“EBI”) candidate

The 40-year-old entrepreneur established his former company in his early twenties and built a leading business in the housing solutions market from the ground up. Following the recent sale of his former company, he is seeking new investment opportunities to put his time and energy towards, in which he can leverage his experience to sustain, and more importantly, to grow businesses.

Business activities

Search profile

The EBI candidate is actively pursuing opportunities for acquiring a majority stake or full ownership in healthy companies with strong management. He prefers companies located in the Netherlands with international activities or international aspirations.

Investment considerations

The EBI candidate is primarily seeking companies engaged in production, commerce (procurement/sales), or rental activities and he is particularly keen on businesses featuring a combination of these focus areas.

Please consult the teaser for all details regarding the investment criteria.

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