Entrepreneur seeks strategic expansion in healthcare sector

Type Buy-side
Sector Medicinal, sundhed & life sciences
Region National
Employees 10 - 50
Revenue 5 - 10Mil
Number P02745
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The entrepreneur

  • Pragmatic entrepreneur, owner of a company active in corporate healthcare
  • Skilled management in place, allowing the entrepreneur to focus on new activities
  • Active as supervisory director of several (foreign) multinationals in healthcare and pharmacy
  • Previously working at board level at large domestic and foreign listed companies in healthcare and pharmaceuticals in areas such as molecular diagnostics, biotechnology, surgical equipment and disposables, and medical distribution
  • Great ambition to realise strategic expansion as an investor and entrepreneur

Added value

  • Entrepreneurial, strong in the development and roll-out of new concepts
  • Both strategic and pragmatic
  • Commercial and relationship-oriented
  • Experience with buy-and-build
  • Great network and extensive experience in the (international) healthcare sector

Input of capital

  • Ample own funds available

Search profile


Sought after companies in the healthcare sector or supplying the healthcare sector:

  • Preferably not too dependent on insurers
  • Own product, licence or brand
  • B2B is preferred

The ultimate goal is to create synergy in addition to growth, thereby strengthening the company's competitive position. Buy-and-build processes are among the options.

Size and organisation

  • Sales > €5m
  • €750K < EBITDA < €5m
  • Based in the Netherlands, location of minor importance

Transaction structure

Open to several variants. Preferably a 100% acquisition, majority stake is negotiable.

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