Energy partner providing energy procurement services for B2B markets with its own monitoring platform as a service

Type Sell-side
Sector IT & software
Region International
Employees 1 - 10
Revenue < 5Mil
Number P04659
Focus B2B
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  • The company is an energy partner whose core business is energy procurement for businesses. The energy crisis increased the relative contribution of a company’s energy costs to their total costs, increasing awareness of related business risks and therefore boosting the demand for external advice.
  • Customers authorise the company to enter into energy contracts on their behalf. Since most of the energy is being purchased for multiple years ahead, the company has a lot of contracted recurring turnover. The company can offer lower costs to its customers because of economies of scale and advantages from active order management (such as better market timing). There is a high customer lock-in and extremely low customer churn due to contracts without a maturity date and the company has proven to achieve energy costs savings.
  • There are ample growth and scale-up possibilities. The company has started to expand internationally, which secured international scalability. The monitoring platform is an important asset which will be further developed and licensed to third parties.
  • The current shareholders are looking for a financial/strategic buyer with whom they can take the company to the next level. Depending on the potential buyer and the growth strategy, the shareholders wish to gradually step down (100% sale) or remain involved in the company (pre-exit).
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