Company looking to acquire oral healthcare-related businesses

Type Buy-side
Sector Medicinal, sundhed & life sciences
Region National
Employees 10 - 50
Revenue < 5Mil
Number P04306
Focus B2C
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Group of collaborating practices looking for acquisition candidates:

  • The company consists of a network of around 25 collaborating oral care practices.
  • Focused on providing the highest quality oral care and excellent service.
  • The company is supported by a family office.


  • The company intends to become the highest-rated oral care institution in the Netherlands, among both patients and employees.
  • The practices operate autonomously, supported by professionals from the company.

General information

  • The company supports and facilitates practice owners in managing and optimising the practice.
  • Personal guidance, training and courses for further personal development of oral healthcare specialists.
  • Sharing dental knowledge and product innovations.


Search profile

  • The company is active in oral healthcare (preferably not orthodontics).
  • Preferably between 5 and 10 practices with a combined turnover of at least €3 million.
  • Possibly, a multi-room practice (> 4 rooms) with a turnover of at least € 1-2 million.
  • Preferably located in the Western, Southwestern or Northern Netherlands
  • The entrepreneur preferably stays on
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