Ambitious service provider for local and national governments seeks expansion opportunities

Type Buy-side
Sector IT & software
Region National
Employees 10 - 50
Revenue 20 - 50Mil
Number P04410
Focus B2B
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  • This group of companies focuses on services to municipalities and local and national governments in the form of adopting and optimising processes, preferably on a subscription basis.
  • An ambitious company with ample growth opportunities for current and future staff.
  • The company is looking for companies active in providing services to local or national governments in the field of advice wit regard to, and management of objects in public spaces.
  • Preference is given to companies offering their services to municipalities and governments by means of a software application.

General information

  • The company is interested in both a 100% transfer and a majority stake, with a preference for a 100% acquisition.
  • The selling party has a skilled management team that will stay on after an acquisition.
  • Preference is given to a company operating on a subscription basis.
  • Preference is given to a reputable, stable and financially sound company with a good spread in its client portfolio.

Search profile

  1. Companies taking on processes for municipalities or (local) governments.
  2. Companies with own IT systems that contribute to the management of, and advice regarding objects in public spaces.
  3. Companies with a subscription model aimed at municipalities and governments.
  4. Companies active in public lighting management and consultancy.
  5. Company active in claim recovery for municipalities, preferably
    using its own claim settlement software.
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