Tobie van der Leeden


About Tobie

After getting his Bachelor’s degree in Sport, Management and Entrepreneurship Tobie went onto to get his Master’s in Financial Management. He graduated on the subject ‘The Effect of Anchoring on the acquisition premium in an M&A transaction”. At the start of 2017, Tobie began at Marktlink Amsterdam as a consultant.

Tobie’s link with Marktlink

“I’m from a family of entrepreneurs. My parents both started their own company at a young age and have been successful ever since. I was able to see with my own two eyes what passion and willpower can do to entrepreneurs, and what kind of beautiful things that can create. This passion is something I now see on a daily basis in the clients that Marktlink has. Functioning as a type of sparring-partner inspires me on a daily basis, this is how I am certain that Marktlink was the best choice for me.