Pepijn Pieterse


About Pepijn

When Pepijn started studying Industrial Engineering & Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, his interest in the economic and financial courses was piqued. Looking for the next challenge, he obtained his master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialisation in investment management at Tias Business School. During his first job at ABN Amro, he gained experience as a Financial Analyst, to then join Marktlink.

Pepijn’s link with Marktlink

“At ABN Amro, I worked on processes that each had a month duration – each process was pretty much the same; the decision-making power often lay elsewhere, which made it difficult to change something. I wanted a job that was more dynamic and better suited to me personally. My choice for Marktlink was an obvious one; to work together with passionate entrepreneurs and be involved with the whole process with full responsibility to achieve the best results. Thinking differently, creating new opportunities and achieving the highest possible result is what motivates me in choosing Marktlink.”