Olivier Smets


About Olivier

Olivier studied finance and insurance at the University Colleges Leuven-Limburg. He spent the last four months of his study in Paris. After his studies, he started his career at accountants’ firm EY as an auditor and later transferred to the advisory branch. He combined this work experience with a transition year in commercial sciences and achieved his master’s degree in general management at the KU in Leuven. Friends and family describe Olivier as an optimist with a drive to succeed in life. His perseverance brought him to his passion for dealmaking. He is looking forward to growing and networking in this ambitious environment. Trust and integrity are very important to Olivier; this is the only way to build a relationship with the entrepreneur trusting his life’s work to Marktlink. M&A appeals to Olivier because of the intensity, flexibility and the responsibility you get as a consultant.

Olivier’s link with Marktlink

“I’ve had a passion for entrepreneurship ever since I was young and I am surrounded by entrepreneurial family members and friends. This makes you not only live life as an entrepreneur, but also think as an entrepreneur. In my search for the right job, I ended up at Marktlink. The combination between the financial and commercial aspects makes the work so interesting. Marktlink offers the possibility to meet the challenges of an acquisition head on. It inspires me to support entrepreneurs spending years to build their life’s work. It encourages me to further develop as a person and prove that not a day is like another in this line of work. I am incredibly driven and eager to ensure further growth in the Belgian acquisition market together with team Antwerp.”