Martijn van den Bout


About Martijn

Martijn studied Small Business & Retail Management at the HU and during his studies, he started his entrepreneurial journey. Together with a fellow student, he founded Fundustry Adventures and expanded it in the past 13 years. Through several acquisitions, the company has grown into an entertainment company with 10 locations, 200.000 yearly visitors and 200 employees. Through a pre-exit in 2017, he sold a minority stake in the company to investment firm Antea and five years later, he resigned from his duties as managing director. He is still actively involved as a shareholder to support Fundustry in its growth ambitions. To Martijn, the best projects have always been the company’s acquisitions; especially his own pre-exit process. Now he’s working on obtaining his master’s degree in Finance & Business Valuation and will develop as an M&A specialist.”

Martijn’s link with Marktlink

“When I came into contact with Marktlink in 2017, we immediately clicked. Marktlink’s entrepreneurial character spoke to me and together we achieved a deal to sell Fundustry to an investment firm. When, five years later, I decided to continue on as an M&A specialist, I called Marktlink right away. With my experience as an entrepreneur, but mostly by doing a pre-exit, I can support entrepreneurs in a unique and valuable way.”