Laurens Heideman


About Laurens

Laurens first his bachelor’s in business economics and then went on to get his master’s in finance, both at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. During his time at college, he has worked at several companies and after finishing his studies he travelled for a while. Laurens feels a deep connection to the northern parts of the Netherlands, which is why his choice for Marktlink Drachten seemed like a perfect fit.

Laurens’ link with Marktlink

“During my master’s I was doubting whether or not to leave the northern part of the Netherlands to start my career in finance. When I heard that Marktlink was opening an office in Drachten, I was very pleased, I could remain in my favourite part of the country. The combination of working in a young but very professional organisation with the down-to-earth mentality of the North appealed to me. I have previously worked in the SME field and gained insight into the passion of entrepreneurs and the ups and downs that entrepreneurship offers. I have chosen to join Marktlink to advise these entrepreneurs during their deals.”