Baruch Coltof


About Baruch Coltof

Baruch obtained his BSc in International Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management in 2016. After his bachelor he gained experience at ING Corporate Investments and at the international scale-up In 2019 he completed his MSc in Business Information Management with a minor in business valuations. After obtaining his master’s he worked at a Rotterdam corporate finance boutique and joined Marktlink in November 2020.

Baruch’s link with Marktlink

“Both my father and mother are entrepreneurs and from an early age I was taught a lot about the beautiful as well as the difficult aspects of the profession. After an internship at ING Corporate Investments and an entrepreneurial position in a scale-up, it was a logical step for me to enter the world of mergers and acquisitions. Because of the entrepreneurial character of Marktlink, the choice to work here was obvious to me. Assisting clients during an intensive and important period in their lives, makes it a very dynamic and challenging profession”.