Joep van den Enk


About me

Who I am

I am keen to help people during one of the most important moments in their professional lives. Each entrepreneur I have had the pleasure to advise has their own story. That is what makes each project unique, despite the fact that we essentially repeat the same steps in each process. I think my clients will remember me for being pragmatic and quick to act, always focused on achieving the best possible end result.

What entrepreneurship means to me

To me, entrepreneurship is being passionate about your work, having the guts to make choices and trusting the things you want to achieve. Especially when, at times, you seem not to be able to achieve your goals or others don't have faith in you. Thanks to our family company, I became familiar with entrepreneurship growing up. As a manager at Marktlink, I need that entrepreneurial mindset, since I am responsible for my own client portfolio.

Why Marktlink is the place for me

In my last job, I got to know Marktlink as a pragmatic company with a clear vision and a distinguishing position in the market. And after all these years, it still is – even more so. I am proud of the growth that both Marktlink and I have experienced throughout the years and of the energy Marktlink has to keep expanding.

“Each entrepreneur I have had the pleasure to advise has their own story.”